Car Care Product

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cleaning Cloths:

This professional car auto cleaner can safely remove micro iron particles, grease, dead insects, contamination and over spray etc. Made of faux fur, will not scratch your car mirrors.

Give your vehicle a clean-and-sparkle with these cleaning fabrics! The microfiber material on these cleaning fabrics lifts and traps dust without scratching your paint and other surface. In the wake of tidying up, simply hurl them in the washer and reuse them once more. Get these fantastic cleaning fabrics for any auto carport or auto devotee to clean and tidy your vehicle without utilizing brutal chemicals.


  • Miniaturized scale Fiber sort hand glove for auto/bicycle cleaning.
  • Delicate on your vehicle's completion.
  • 100% Scratch and Lint Free.
  • Flexible sleeve keeps glove cozy.
  • Holds more cleanser and water than other wash gloves.
  • Perfect for clening Car/Home/Office and other significant items.

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car care product
car Care Product
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